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"Russian Reporter"№ 9 published Portfolio Reference Sports Photos "

- The distinguishing feature of our photos - we are very much attention to background. It should not irritate, distract, interfere with what is happening in the picture, - says Sergey Kivrin. - We have a good school, we learned from the old Soviet masters, who have removed the Great Patriotic War. And now, sports photography is on the verge of extinction because it requires speed, not the content. Eventually this will lead to the fact that photographers will cameraman during the tournament. Already, so many agencies are working. They have a channel, it is connected to cameras in the office sits Bild editor, it receives images from all photographers, he selects them, and gives to the Internet. Thus the transmission rate increases the picture, but hardly carries the benefit of creative photography.

- Photography is no longer art. The presence of the camera and the Internet and the ability to publish pictures to Facebook and Twitter - it's just the signal transmission. A day later, no one will remember what was the picture, their was a tree, his eyes on nothing stopped. Armed with cameras, all of a sudden become professionals. We, on the contrary, having vast experience, we experience fear going to shoot. Tried to remove something new, original - Andrei Golovanov shares the view of his collaborator in professional matters, though the work is perhaps the only area where their views coincide.

Even the heroes of stories they relate in different ways. Andrew worried about the athletes:

- At the Athens Olympics, I was ready to whistle along with the audience, when Alexei Nemov sued.

Sergey, on the contrary, tries to pull away from what he sees in the camera's lens:

- When you shoot, you have no right to hurt. If you give in to emotions, they will remain in you and not pass on the image. So I'm trying to stay cool.

Nevertheless, these photographers have established friendships with many of the heroes of their photos, including such national sports stars, like Alexander Karelin, Svetlana Zhurova, Alexei Nemov, Olga Brusnikina and Maria Kiseleva.

- At the Olympics in Turin, Irina Slutskaya was crying on my shoulder when it took third place. And then the other photographers were shooting me with it - recalls Golovanov.

By combining their efforts, and Kivrin Golovanov received diverse and vibrant portfolio. Two points of view on a single event gives an advantage over single-photographers. Perhaps it was the difference in the character and outlook on life has brought recognition fototandemu viewers and colleagues expressed different prizes.

- I started sports photography in the Soviet Union. On freedom to dream then do not have, and the only sphere of life where they could tell the truth, remained Sports, - says Sergey. - In addition, sports photography, in my opinion, not much different from other directions. Just need to know the subject matter. If you've never been in the Kremlin and did not take off "parquet", then you will be hard to do an outstanding exhibition frame. Need to know in advance where someone goes, what doors are opened, what the soldiers are marching, who where looking at. Same thing in sport. For example, in volleyball: filing, reception, kick, man can kiss the ball, knock, and then he throws it, runs up, throws up his hands ... It's all things photographic review. Here you can dig a lot of things. True, it is necessary to have a good reaction. If you shoot still life for life, then at a football match you will not be easy.

Vera Mikhailova