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Photo album VI Games "Children of Asia"


The National Library of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), there was a presentation album VI International Sports Games "Children of Asia" .On the ceremony was attended by First Deputy Minister of Sports of Sakha (Yakutia) Cherdonov Simon, CEO of MCI, "Children of Asia" Vladimir Maximov, Deputy Director of the National Library Olga Afanasyeva , author of the idea and photographer Andrei Golovanov.In the photo album 335 pages and nearly 800 photos. Photo album is structurally divided into 5 sections. Each section is named after the major sports facilities of Yakutsk. Each section carries its meaning. For example, section Tuymaada - named after the stadium. In this section, we are talking about Tuymaada Valley, and of course the central site Opening Ceremony of the Games, the number of participants. Section "Dohsun" talks about sports. "Modun" on national sports and an extensive cultural program. And so each of the sections. A book completes the table of results for each sport, with the names of the winners of the Games.

Photo album - it's all the same story of the Games, by which thrills may again surge. Maybe someone is to inspire athletic achievement, - said Vladimir Maximov, CEO of International Games "Children of Asia" committee.

The album entered the work group of photographers who worked during the VI ISG "Children of Asia". Such names as Andrei Golovanov and Sergei Kivrin widely known in the sports photojournalism. Over their shoulders 30 years of working together at every Olympic Games, both summer and winter. Also in the photo album of famous photographers Yakutia - Alexei Pavlov, Micheal Yakovlev, Alexander Lisitsyn, Yevgeny Ivanov and others. Editor Tatiana made Elaeva.