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Olympic ball


We have long wanted to present our work to their heroes. Typically, the turmoil of the competition and especially the tight schedule of the Olympic Games do not give such a possibility, then the athletes is difficult to find or collect all in one place, and photographers often feel the same thing as the dog Sharik Wildlife Photography of the cartoon "Vacation in Prastokvasheno." Olympic Ball in the Moscow Manege was the perfect place. Always, when we were talking with the athletes, we learned that they do not have photos of their victories, it's amazing, but true. We are friends and communicate with many of them, and knew they would be pleased to receive such a gift, and for us, who chronicles their victories, will make it easy.
We decided to make a gift to all Olympic champions of Rio 2016. It so happened that all the athletes came to say hello, and received an unexpected gift, many did not believe had not been such a tradition.
And at the Olympic ball, when all athletes are dressed in beautiful costumes, girls in evening dresses, all shining, smile, and do not have the strength that is in competition, take photos with the pictures the most important moments of their careers, it was a wonderful idea. And at the same time give the best photos on the memory. We hope that this good tradition will be constant, and our athletes will have more pictures of their victories.
The tradition worthy of respect!