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Laureates AIPS


International Sports Press Association (AIPS) said special awards journalists, who worked for more than 10 summer and winter Olympic Games. We are happy to announce that among the winners were two well-known Russian photographer - Sergey Kivrin and Andrey Golovanov, a long and fruitful cooperation with the Russian Olympic Committee.

Behind Sergei Kivrin work on the 15 Olympics, starting in 1980. His friend and partner on creative tandem Andrei Golovanov started my Olympic path in 1994 in Lillehammer and has since visited 12 Games. Their fresh photos from the arenas of Rio 2016 is now available on all of the ROC web resources.

The award ceremony was held in AIPS winners of the Japan House "Tokyo 2020" in Rio de Janeiro. All members of the "Club 10+" were presented with a small copy of the Olympic Torch Rio 2016 from the hands of Prince Albert of Monaco.

Russian Olympic Committee congratulates Sergey Kivrin and Andrey Golovanov with another prestigious award in their career. Health and colleagues! And new creative successes!