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Winners of the Moscow competition sports journalists in 2011.


December 21 at the Olympic complex "Luzhniki" hosted the awards ceremony of the Moscow competition sports journalists in 2011.Moskovsky competition sports journalists conducted Federations Sports Journalists of Russia and Moscow with the support of the Department of Physical Education and Sport in order to attract print and electronic media to a wider coverage of the massive problems of physical Culture and Sports, the Olympic movement, elite sport and the promotion of the authors of the best works on this tematike. The works evaluated according to the basic requirements of the contest: the journalistic skill, relevance, reliability and objectivity, validity, ideological, academic level, practical value.

Winners of the contest in Moscow sports journalists in 2011:

Best published color and black and white photographs: Iplace - Sergei Kivrin and Andrey Golovanov (magazine "Fizkultura and Sports"), II place - Natalia Gubernatorova (the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets»), III-place Alexander Bondarev (Moscow Tennis Federation).